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An individual’s professional prospects depend on their level of education. More and more people are choosing to study after finishing school. This often means that well-trained experts with years of training have a younger and qualified manager. Many people feel uncomfortable in this condition. This often gives rise to the desire to climb the corporate ladder. Distance learning offers a promising opportunity for this. Students learn flexibly and independently of time, so that they can continue to pursue their profession during their studies and do not have to accept any restrictions on their living. Distance learning not only offers good opportunities for improvement or reorientation, but can also be an interesting chance for young people after leaving school. Online colleges make it possible to combine traveling and studying. Prospective students do not have to decide whether to invest their valuable time in a year abroad or their studies. Both are possible with online learning.


AKAD College

AKAD’s educational offerings include almost 200 distance learning courses. The state-approved and certified distance learning college in Germany focuses on the fields of digitization, economics, management and health and social affairs. At AKAD there is an inexplicable period of study. Students can study for up to 24 months beyond the regular period of study without incurring additional costs. The start of the course is independent of the current semester. With its online courses, the online colleges offers individual support and service for every student, according to its own information. AKAD is one of the most popular distance learning colleges in Germany and was recognized as the test winner in terms of service.

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Athabasca College

The Canadian has offered numerous distance learning courses in a wide variety of subjects since 1970. Whether a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in information systems: there is something for everyone with more than 60 distance learning courses and advanced training. Foreign distance students pay around 800 dollars for a 3 credit point course and around 1,100 for a 6 credit point course in their Bachelor’s degree. There are also one-off costs of 80 dollars for enrollment.


New Zealand: Massey University

In addition to face-to-face courses, New Zealand also offers some distance learning courses. For this purpose, it maintains its own institute for distance learning. Here too, distance students from all over the world can choose between a bachelor’s and master’s degree. The range of distance learning courses is diverse and includes, for example, subjects such as Veterinary Technology or Aviation Management. For a bachelor’s degree, Massey usually requires a high school certificate

England: Open University

One of the most famous distance universities abroad is the English one. In some cases, however, the Open University has mandatory face-to-face courses in the university’s presence and administratives. So if you want to start a distance learning in England, you should make sure in advance that you can travel to the face-to-face meetings and that you have a good command of English, for example by taking a TOEFL. Even without a high school certificate, interested parties can partially take up a Bachelor’s degree at the OU. However, the same rules apply to the Master’s degree as in many countries: A Bachelor’s degree is required.


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