New Agar.Io Game Information Requirements Agario Tips, Strategies

The use of any software sometimes requires more or less knowledge. In step by step instructions, we will show you how to use the individual requirements of Agario correctly.


The goal of the game is to eat the other smaller cells, get bigger and end up being the biggest cell in the game. You have to be careful, though, because the larger cells want to turn you into their food, too. If you start the game, you can choose a name and then start as a small cell in the game. The aim of Agario is to eat as many smaller cells as possible in order to increase in size and eat larger and larger cells. The game is won when you are the largest cell in the whole game.


Agario is a simply created yet interesting game. The very simple command of one’s own cell gives this game an uncanny chance for addiction. What is also exciting is that the game is played against people and not against a device.


5 Tips To Help You Master Agar.Io


  • Find The Right Server


In order to be able to play as quickly and rapidly as possible, players should make a strategic decision before starting: which server to choose. This setting is hidden behind the gear wheel under the nickname input. The continent should therefore be selected for our latitude.


  • Hide Behind Viruses


As a small cell you are faster than large cells, but they still come dangerously close to you from time to time. If you are near a jagged one, you can hide behind it. They can only divide the cells from a certain size.

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  • Trap Opponents


Players can not only hide behind cells. They can also be used to trap larger enemies. If the virus catches the other player, the divided cells can be absorbed for its own growth.


  • Speed ​​By Division


Above a certain size, the cells become very slow. At specific moments, it helps to divide the cell. To do this, press the space bar in the browser game, and you can achieve the same result in the application by tapping the sign.


  • Clever use of corners


Since the playing space is limited, corners pose a challenge. In short: As a small agile cell, you should avoid corners as much as possible, because they can quickly become a trap as soon as a sufficiently large cell is placed in front of them. Conversely, once players have reached a certain size, smaller cells can spoil the fun with exactly this strategy.


Agario Guide


Agario Controls
Eject Mass “W”
Quick Extraction Mass “E”
Split “SPACE”
Navigation “MOUSE”
Agario Registration After Registration, you will be able to save your progress.

  • How to hide agario player names and skins
    On the main menu clear checkboxes “Skin”, “Name”. Skins and nicknames will be hidden.

  • How to change agario skin
    Click the “Skins” button and then choose one of the available skins. All skins have their names. If you want to add custom skins contact admin in Discord.

  • How to make a white background in Agario
    Clear the “Dark” checkbox on the main menu. Also, you can use the “Grid” option which marks each sector in the background.
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  • How to fix Agario lags
    Close apps that may use internet traffic. Restart browser. Disable the “Skin” option, they cause additional load. Check if someone uses the same connection.

  • How to split in agario?
    All you need to split is to press the SPACE button and have a mass of more than 90. Cells that have less than 90 mass can’t split.

  • How to play agario?
    Your main goal is to become the biggest player on the map. To achieve these you need to eat small pellets on the map and after that, you need to eat other players that are smaller than you. Also, you need to be careful and avoid bigger cells.

  • How to eat viruses in agario?
    If you want to eat a virus in agario, you should be split into 10 cells. Because you can’t split more, you can easily eat viruses. One more condition: you should be bigger than the virus.

  • How to merge in agario?
    If you want to recombine in agario you should wait 30 seconds and after that, you will automatically merge.
  • How to be good at agario?
    To become a better player you need to have more game practice and to watch youtube videos of how other gamers play. Also, you can record your screen and analyze your game.
  • How to get big in agario?
    The best tactic is to be careful as you can. Just eat pellets, try not to split, and avoid big players.
  • How to shoot in agario?
    Some players want to shoot viruses into other players. For doing that you need to eject 5 pellets (Press W button) into the virus. After that, the virus will be split.
  • How to play agario with friends?
    To play agario with friends you need to connect to the same server. Just select “US” or “EU” server.
  • How to record agario?
    If you want to record your game you need to install a recording program on your computer. For example Fraps or Bandicam.
  • How to feed in agario?
    If you want to give mass to another player in the agario, you can split or eject mass.
  • How to zoom out in agario?
    To zoom out in agario you need to use the scroll.
  • What is a virus in agario?
    A virus is a type of cell in agario. If you touch it then your cell will be split.
  • How to level up in agario?
    If you want to level up in agario, you need to earn a lot of points. To achieve that goal you need to eat other players and pellets on the map. Also, other players can share their mass with you.
  • How to play agario at school?
    If you want to play unblocked agario at school, you just need to play agario on our site.
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