Poland As The Ideal European Vacation

The hospitality of the people, a hearty cuisine and the comparatively low number of visitors also make Poland an interesting and varied holiday destination. In our travel guide for Polish travel agency you will find out everything you need to know about preparing for your trip, travel tips for Poland for every taste and insider tips for a unique holiday.

Of course, our travel guide for Poland  https://its-poland.com also includes an introduction to the most attractive holiday regions. Here we introduce you to the most beautiful regions of the country and give you tips on sights, cities and leisure in the various places. Poland has around 800 km of coastline on the Baltic Sea and is therefore a well known holiday destination, which of course should not be missing from our travel tips for Poland.

Southern Poland as a holiday area offers you an exciting combination of urban flair, historical sights and a unique landscape. Several cities such as Wroclaw and Kraków belong to southern Poland. Numerous sights from different eras, events, shopping chances and the party scene in the cities mean that there is no possibility of boredom on holiday in southern Poland. The greatest way to plan excursions to historic buildings such as the castles is on a tour of southern Poland. Incidentally, such a round trip is also possible without your own car due to the connections between the cities of Kraków and Warsaw. In addition to the cities, there are many smaller towns in Poland, which can inspire with their historical charm, the hospitable inhabitants and sometimes great buildings.

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Hearty and Delicious

Polish cuisine is known for its hearty dishes and sumptuous offers. The day usually begins with a rich breakfast of bread and vegetables, eggs and coffee. You can get this breakfast in restaurants and hotels all over the country. The main meal of the day is traditionally taken in the afternoon and consists of a soup as a starter and a main course. Meat is often consumed. In the evening, bread with vegetables and other side dishes is served again.

Reach Poland with Polish Travel Agency

Most tips from our Polish travel agency holiday guide can be reached on  https://its-poland.com . Alternatively, long-distance transportation also run to more remote regions of the country. Within the major cities, public transport is regulated by buses, trams and underground trains.


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