Shower cabin

An excellent, spacious, comfortable shower cabin is a beautiful thing that contributes significantly to comfort in the home bathroom. The selection of different shapes, sizes, and other equipment features in Black Line’s wide range is enormous. For this reason, there is the right shower cabin for every taste and every bathroom.

Here you will find, among others, semicircular, square, and rectangular shower cabins, as well as different space-saving cabins in the form of quarter circles. You can conveniently buy various models in Black Line’s online shop at usually low prices for different sizes.

Do you want a stylish accurate glass walk-in shower, maybe a frameless model, or a stylish chrome cabinet for your dream bathroom?

Shower enclosure ideas

Realize your dream bathroom and use the practical filter functions to shop on Black Line. You decide what your dream cabin should be like for the bathroom step by step. Choose the frame color, type, material, and design appropriate dimensions.

Once you have found your dream model, you can conveniently order and purchase your new shower enclosure online at the usual reasonable price-performance ratio.

Choosing the right shower cabin

Many different shower cabin models don’t differ in design, material, or size. Certain comfort features, such as differences in the opening mechanism, are also essential in purchasing.

Depending on its size and design, the cabin can also be used, for example, with a wheelchair or walking aid. Of course, the structural conditions in your bathroom are also fundamental.

When it comes to freestanding showers, the choice is much more excellent. Should it be a round model with a revolving door or a rectangular cabinet with a sliding door?

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Your taste decides here. Round showers of similar size offer less shower space but leave more room in the bathroom than corner showers. The question of materials is also primarily a matter of taste. However, shower enclosures made of synthetic glass are usually significantly less expensive.


February 27, 2024

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