The Best Pregnancy Gifts Ideas

A friend has told you that a baby is on the way and you want to make them happy? Where do you start there? It may still be too early for pregnancy gift things – we’ll keep them for after the birth but it should be a gift now! We have put together some gifts for expectant parents for you. Maybe there is something inspiring!

There are many instances when you are looking for a gift for a pregnant woman. Birthdays or anniversaries are just the most obvious examples. But maybe you just want to give your friend, who is pregnant after a long time of hoping and worrying, a little treat? Or does your beloved one say goodbye to maternity leave?

Our Gifts For Expectant Mothers

No matter for whom and why you are looking for gifts for pregnant women, we are sure that you will find exactly the right thing with us. Because we know exactly what concerns and touches women in this important time!

Care Products For Mother and Baby

A woman’s skin, especially on the stomach, is subjected to a lot of tension during pregnancy. Dryness, feelings of stress and itching can be quite a trouble for expectant mothers. That’s why every pregnant woman is sure to be happy about good care products that provide the skin with everything it needs for its demanding task during and after pregnancy. The body oils with purely ingredients provide the skin with ideal moisture, are easy to use and smell heavenly! Individually or in a gift set, they are particularly suitable as a gift for pregnant women.

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Abdominal Support For The Growing Bump

The increasing size and weight of the child bump becomes more and more of a strain on the body during pregnancy. Our seamless abdominal support with reinforced zones supports the growing area and relieves it and the lower back. The stretchy element is breathable and easy to care for, so the belly band can be worn discreetly under clothing day and night.

Delicious and Beneficial Pregnancy Teas

Developed by a midwife, the herbal teas contain exactly what is good for pregnant women. All ingredients, such as mantle, raspberry leaves, rose blossoms or sea buckthorn come from certified farming. The teas not only taste good, but also counteract pregnancy issues such as water retention or mood swings. For the time after the birth you will also find a breastfeeding tea as well as a regenerating one for the prenatal phase.

Pillow As A Gift For Pregnant Women

It is particularly smart when the gift benefits both mother and baby. This cozy pillow made of soft cotton in a cute polar bear shape serves as a comfortable pillow, for support during pregnancy and as a breastfeeding pillow for mother. Your baby can then lighten on it or use it as an training cushion for sitting and crawling. The cover is washable.


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