The delayed Expo 2020 has finally started to shine in Dubai 2021

On the 1st of October announced the beginning of Expo 2020 to last for six months. Due to Covid-19, Expo 2020, the first to take place in the Middle East & Arab world, has been delayed for a year to operate from Oct-2021-Mar2022.

Dubai Expo lies over 4.3 square meters in the middle of Dubai’s desert. With its over 200 pavilions, visitors to the Dubai expo enjoy different activities, events, entertainment shows, and educational events. The main theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is “connecting minds”, which is represented in three main sub-themes, sustainability, opportunity and mobility.

Around 190+ countries have participated in this six-month Expo, marking Dubai Expo 2020 the most Expo with the highest number of participants. Each country shows and presents new technology ideas for a more sustainable future. In addition to countries, major organisations, such as the UN, has a significant presence at the opportunity pavilion in Dubai Expo.

Up till November, over one million visitors have visited Expo, and it is expected to reach over 23 million visitors by the end of the Expo.

Being held for the first time in the Middle East and considered the largest global event in the Arab world has made it an unmissable event to many people. Adding to this the various activities visitors can enjoy while visiting the different pavilions.

What makes this year’s Expo so special is being organised in Dubai, where many international and global shows occur. As a visitor to Dubai, you can explore the city, its historical monuments, and exciting attractions.

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