Winter Travel Destinations Despite Corona Pandemic

Many people are likely to hope for a holiday this winter – Despite the pandemic. The ski resorts and holiday destinations want to offer the best for travelers do not stay away despite the pandemic. Mask requirement and distance determine the precautionary measures almost everywhere. Some places also rely on technology.



Preparations for the new season have been going on in the Italian ski areas for weeks. “We will take all the necessary precautions so that ski and winter tourism is also possible this winter,” say the responsible authorities for travel agencies. The precautionary measures include – the mandatory wearing of mouth and nose protection in cable cars and distance rules. All gondolas are regularly disinfected, barriers are installed and the frequency of ski buses is increased.

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The Swiss winter sports: As always, they are planning a winter with a lot of news with great anticipation. All lifts will be opened and the slopes will be covered with snow. Tourism has developed its own tube scarf – when pulled over the nose, should protect against viruses as well as any mask. Aside from mouth and nose protection in closed means of transport and the rules of distance when queuing, there are no changes to other winter destinations.

Mild Winters In Southern Spain And Portugal

Of course, among the best holiday destinations are Spain and Portugal also recommended for sun fans in winter. The parts of the country in the south are especially worth a visit. In Andalusia, temperatures around 20 degrees also prevail in winter.

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Winter Vacation – Cyprus And Greece

It is also warm in the winter months on the Mediterranean Sea. If temperatures of 40 degrees are easily cracked here in midsummer, winter with average values ​​between 15 and 20 degrees is much milder, but still very pleasant. There is also a high probability of enjoying the sun: on the Greek islands, the sun shines around 300 days a year. Rain however, rarely falls. In Cyprus, even in winter, there is an average rainfall only every third day.


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