3 Most Trusted International News Sources

There are numerous offers and apps that bundle news from numerous sources, individual interests and present the content in an appealing way. In our check, we have put together some of the variants for filtering the flood of news, finding high-quality news sources and identifying posts. Most of the tools and offers presented here can be used free of charge.


News Of The Search Engines

Probably the well known news portals are those of Google News and Bing News. Here all contributions from the media are selected and sorted according to topic and focus. These portals are already much more convenient than manual news research. However, you sometimes lose control over which news you get to see why: classify and display the sources.

News Sources

Personalized News Apps

Personalized app news offers such as basic news to go one step further. Here you will be served from different media tailored to your own areas of interest in a presentation. You can access a large number of news with little effort.

Simply news, for example, offers of bundling articles on the same topic from different sources – and thus also from different sides. Flipboard aggregates content from websites and presents them as a magazine to leaf through. The manufacturers of the smartphone systems also offer Apple News offer their own apps that – partially integrated into the system.

Social Media Newsfeeds

Almost all young people use social media such as Instagram or Twitter – also to find out what is happening in their area and around the world. The news you want appear in the timeline if you follow the corresponding online. This is only possible for individual subject areas. For example, a newspaper’s online presence offers sorted accounts and pages.

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How well you can rely on this selection depends on your individual use of the services mentioned. If you use social media primarily for individual and private matters, news posts have a hard time. If you do not subscribe to the feeds of the news pages yourself, but rely on the selection of friends and acquaintances, you can easily lose track of sources and selection. You can therefore also create exclusive accounts for news searches or use services for private matters and another for news.


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