5 Things You Need In Your Backpack On Your Journey

Packing a backpack properly is just as important as choosing the backpack itself. Because if you do not learn how to pack a backpack properly, then you have a nice and good backpack , but you can not take as much as you had planned. And worse, you’re stressed every time you pack your backpack!

So that you absolutely know on your journey, what you have to do and how to pack your backpack properly, there is the packing list today and some tips on how to pack your things like a pro!



1- Thermo-Air Mattress

The air mattress by is absolutely ingenious! It is incredibly comfortable. People love the feeling of the transverse air chambers. For most mats, the air chambers are lengthways. Decisive for the decision is above all the weight. Even in the largest version, the mat weighs only almost 500 grams and can be rolled without much effort to the size of a one liter bottle. Sleeping bag down is the ideal filling material. With the same weight, a down sleeping bag has significantly better thermal performance than a synthetic fiber filled sleeping bag. Even better is the heat output of a sleeping bag.

2-Protective Skin Cream

Skin milk cream for dry mountain air, sun and salty water. When you are outdoors a lot, the skin needs a lot. Creaming occasionally before the skin becomes chapped is not bad. However, you do not have to overdo it.

3-Technical Equipment

Smartphone, tablet and camera are among the most important things travelers have in their backpacks today. Whether you really need it all is a question of their own, but for most of them, it’s just part of it. This is accompanied by a lot of accessories, which can be accommodated in the organization system.

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4-Papers and Documents

You should take along the following documents as needed on your journey. It’s best to pack them in a waterproof case or carry them on-site in a belt pouch or a breast pouch. In particular, the passport is almost irreplaceable. Passport – valid for at least 3-6 months, proof of foreign health insurance, international driver’s license (if you want to drive a car)


You’ll probably be taking too much clothes on your first trips. On a three-week backpacking tour you need many T-shirts or sweaters. In this list, we refrain from quantities, because each person has a different comfort level. But keep in mind that you can also do laundry during your trip. In backpacking, you wear every gram you take with you. Save on clothes, because you usually take too much! As a rule, a few tops are enough. A warm fleece and a softshell are important, if you are not just traveling in tropical areas. Do not forget a sun hat if you get a lot of sun! In addition, you might also want to do some sports and need appropriate clothing.


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