Best Plastic Surgery Clinic Yoo Retouch in İstanbul

Plastic surgery is the name given to restructuring and changing deficiencies in any part of the body. People’s problems with  plastic surgery may be congenital, trauma or accidental, or they may occur in order to have a more cosmetically beautiful body and face. By reshaping these defects, it is possible to restore organ functions and correct their physical appearance. Plastic surgery is divided into two types: reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Necessary procedures in reconstruction surgery are developed according to the wishes of the patient. If the corrective procedure is not followed, the patient may not be able to use the organ or that part of the body. Aesthetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed completely at the request of the person. During these procedures, also known as aesthetics, patients can share their problem areas with plastic surgeons and request that they be shaped according to their wishes. This division is a broad branch of medicine that covers the entire body. Purely surgical procedures are used as a form of treatment. Every patient can refer to this section to change and shape the areas they want to change. Yoo Retouch clinic, located in Istanbul Nişantaşı set and in a very good position in the sector, has an important place in this area. The plastic surgery department specialists in the clinic consist of a team of doctors who have completed a 6-year residency program in medicine and specialize in plastic surgery. Doctors who are highly qualified in their field have the necessary knowledge and experience. For all your aesthetic operations, you can get opinions from specialist physicians in the Yoo Retouch clinic.

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What is Plastic Surgery?

Aesthetic cosmetic surgery refers to operations aimed at improving and beautifying the appearance of the body. The primary purpose here is to address beauty and aesthetic concerns rather than a medical issue. Aesthetic plastic surgery is a broad field that covers all these areas. Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery training is given within the scope of plastic surgery specialization training. Aesthetic concerns can sometimes bring along diseases accompanied by medical problems that are not only for cosmetic reasons. For example, both medical and cosmetic issues can be addressed at the same time, such as surgical correction of large breasts (gigantomastia) or body restructuring. As a result, it is very important to correct an organ from an aesthetic point of view while preserving its function. For example, breathing problems should be addressed along with nose shaping during rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery). Plastic surgery, by definition, deals with pathological disorders such as tissue disorders in the general body, surgical scars after surgical operations, sagging caused by traumas while treating the patient. Aesthetic interventions can also be made in response to demands.

Where Can I Have Plastic Surgery?

It is very clear that surgery cannot be performed outside the operating room. However, the Ministry of Health regulates health facilities that can be used according to the severity of the surgeries. Non-life-threatening surgeries such as rhinoplasty, eyelid aesthetics, skin tumors and wounds can be performed in medical centers. Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction and long-term combined surgeries (for example, combined face lift and breast reduction combined, rhinoplasty, breast lift, lower-upper eyelid lift combined) should be performed in an intensive care and full-service hospital environment. Plastic surgeries are thought to be less dangerous in society than other types of surgery. Beauty salons play an important role in this. In clinics that do not have an operating room, many aesthetic procedures are presented as if they were not surgery. As a result, some interventions suitable for the operating room are performed in the polyclinic or practice environment. In fact, non-aesthetic interventions that can be done outside the operating room are only fillers and botulinum injections. In order not to experience disappointment at the end of the procedure, no matter what, clinics that are experts in their business such as plastic surgery in Turkey Yoo Retouch should be preferred. The clinic, which provides service with its infrastructure over 2000 m² and comfortable rooms designed according to the new regulation, is a well-equipped health institution. Yoo Retouch clinic is located in Istanbul as the most advanced and equipped medical aesthetic center in Europe. Do not forget to visit the website for appointment and consultation.

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