Can You Use Aloe Vera As Lube

We present lube alternatives that you can use when you don’t have any lube on hand. We also tell you which products you should not use as a substitute so as not to damage your intimate flora. Aloe vera is a natural and successful lubricant substitute. However, you should make sure that the gel has no preservatives or fragrances added and that it is 100% pure aloe vera.

Aloe Vera

Is Lubricant Harmful To Health?

The trade tested some lubricants and examined them with regard to the ingredients. The result was that three of the 20 lubricants failed with inadequate. Among other things, ingredients such as polyhexanide, a preservative as a hazardous substance by the European Union, which may nevertheless be used in medical items, were criticized. The use of certain silicones and paraffins was also negative. When using aloe vera, first test it on a small area of ​​skin in the inner thigh area for skin tolerance. Of course, as already mentioned, you can also use aloe vera pure – the plant gel is suitable for skin care, but is also compatible with mucous membranes. Mixed with linseed oil, however, results in a longer-lasting moist combination. To do this, simply combine equal parts of aloe vera with linseed oil – for example 50 ml each. This lubricant substitute should also be used up quickly, and the same applies here: work clean! In addition, this option is not suitable for use with condoms due to the content!

Once you’ve mixed all the ingredients together into an even, smooth batter, the fun can begin. The ingredients mentioned can also be produced in correspondingly larger quantities in advance. Then freeze individual portions so that you always have the right amount on hand when you need it. Cube molds have proven themselves here. If desired, a small amount of jojoba can also be added until the desired consistency is reached. From a chemical point of view, this is not an oil in the strict sense, but a kind of gel. If these ingredients are too expensive to obtain for you, aloe vera can also be good. If you cultivate this plant as a pot plant, simply cut off one of the fleshy leaves and squeeze out the gel. 

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