How Much Money Do I Have To Plan For My Trip Around The World?

There is no one-size that fits the answer, because the costs for a trip around the world depend on the duration, the type of trip, the travel style, the travel countries, personal requirements and wishes. In Asian countries you need much less money than in countries like USA or Australia. If you plan to stay or camp in hostels, you will of course spend less money than when you stay in hotels.

What Things Have To Be On The Budget?

A good preparation includes the trip around the world budget. Why? So you can calculate in advance how much money you need for your trip and how long you have to save for it. The budget also helps you to plan realistically. It would be a shame if you had to stop the trip early because you didn’t have enough money. But what exactly does a travel budget have to do? It is best to divide the expected costs into three parts. These are fixed costs incurred at home, costs incurred before the trip and the expenses incurred on the trip. We list possible cost items. The less you apply the better. It is recommended to reduce the fixed costs at home to a minimum. If you cancel subscriptions to newspapers or magazines, your mobile phone and membership fees from clubs, you can save a lot of money and travel longer.

Creating a budget is not easy, but with a little research on the internet it is not that difficult anymore. Benefit from the experiences of other travelers. You can find helpful cost statements in forums or on the websites. We have collected the following figures from our own experience or from other travelers. The numbers refer to simple travel as a backpacker who travels by public transport and stays in hostels or dorms, but still indulges himself from time to time.

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Don’t Calculate Too Tightly

If you have created a budget, add 20 percent everywhere to be on the safe side. It quickly happens that you calculate too narrowly. In any case, it is better to assume higher costs. In the end, the costs are lower – so much the better. Write down your expenses during the trip so that at the end of each travel month you can compare your planned budget with your actual expenses. This is important, because this way you can quickly see whether you are on budget or if the expenses are beyond the scope. If the trip turns out to be more expensive than planned, you can intervene faster and reduce expenses accordingly.


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