How To Set The Time Of Day In ARK?

Ark got the new server EU-West with the patch on February. New servers are to be opened there in the future. But the editors are concerned with this step that will solve the current time problems. Ark struggles with long queues. Basically, since the start: If you log in after 6 p.m., you have to reckon with many of players in front of you. On large servers the possibility of getting online before midnight is almost zero. But the problem cannot be solved as easily as the platforms recently revealed. Because the resources are limited due to the overarching innovation with which you can use dungeons, raids and some other content with players from other servers in the location.

New Players Have A Sanctuary, But Hardly Any Queue Users Will Switch

The servers in EU-West are focused on players who just want to start from scratch or who are completely single players. You are not tied to the current server structure and can therefore easily avoid queues. The big problem is that EU West will run independently of the previous servers. Joint dungeons or raids with players from other servers are therefore non-existent.


What some find much more annoying, however, is the reason that the entire profile starts at level 0 again. Because the account-wide level or any other procedure you’ve made in the last 10 days is gone. Of almost 55 hours of play, we easily stood in queues for 25 hours. You would like to play more, but you can’t. It’s frustrating. But the new location is not a solution. In addition, some have already started a second new character on another server and wanted to redeem the pre-order package there. So we would start on the new server without the package.

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But Will There Really Be A Lot?

Anyone who is even remotely rooted in the current server cluster will not switch to EU West. Those who usually stand in the longest queues do so because they are connected to the server or their guild there. Otherwise you could have switched to one of the newer and smaller EU servers long ago. Only 5,000 instead of 20,000 players are waiting there at prime time. But even the new servers for EU have not resulted in a reduction in queues on the largest servers. The new server will probably not do that either.


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