Is Pre Workout While Breastfeeding Safe

Before you think about a diet or weight loss, you should first be aware of why your body has gained weight and fat mass. What is obvious – your baby weighs about 3,5 kgs at birth. The muscle layer increases – muscles are known to weigh more than fat, which means that the muscle gain is also reflected on the scales. Your breasts become heavier, your blood capacity increases and your body retains fluid. Last but not least, your body bunkers some fat reserves that are necessary for breastfeeding. And of course you gain a few kgs due to new eating habits.


No Diet While Breastfeeding

Environmental toxins, among other things, have gathered in the fat built up during pregnancy. If you start a diet now, these toxins are released and get into breast milk. It is precisely during this time that it is very important to ensure a healthy nutrition with vitamins. You should eat enough fiber with every meal. Make sure you drink enough. But beware! Try not to drink sugary drinks. Opt for unsweetened tea or water with fresh fruit and vegetables. You should remember: everything you eat, your baby will also eat through milk. So make sure you eat healthy.

By breastfeeding your baby you lose weight. This burns plenty of additional calories and promotes tissue. The WHO recommends breastfeeding for around 6 months.

Avoid Exercise And Exertion In The First 5 Weeks After Birth

Of course you have the need to lose the additional weight quickly. But don’t start too eagerly. After a birth, you should always consult your doctor about when you can start exercising again. Of course, nothing speaks against long walks in the fresh air. They are not only good for you, but also for your baby! Your body has been through a lot during pregnancy. Therefore, start slowly with exercises and as soon as the pelvic floor is fit again, you can start working out again! You don’t need a fitness center to get back into shape after pregnancy. Just start in your living room and grab your little rascal to do some exercises or you go out into the fresh air and jog at a regular pace with a stroller.

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