New Releases On Netflix In November 2020

Almost every week on Netflix you are spoiled for choice between a number of new and old series. New series and films appear almost every day on Netflix. There are both new productions and licensed ones. We have clearly shown for you which films and series you can look forward to on Netflix in November 2020.

The pandemic has brought many series to a standstill. While you should be starting to feel this impact, Netflix is not running out of content. On the contrary: Netflix in November 2020, many self produced series will be released. We reveal which films and series will be released in November 2020.We have put together a comprehensive list for you with the recent November series and films.


Netflix Is Offering Something New In November, Including Spider Man: A New Universe

The reboot chart on Netflix is packed with Christmas movies, award winning titles, and heartwarming films such as series. In November, Netflix streams the Oscar winning Spider Man – A New Universe. The royal series The Crown –  about the events of the British royal family under Queen Elizabeth II starts with the fourth season. Christmas fans will also get their money worth with the new movie ”The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two”. Another highlight is the 9th season of American Horror Story, which will be available in November. Those who prefer films are particularly lucky this month. Several Netflix movies such as What We Wanted or Princess Exchange  will start in November.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Kurt Russell and wife Goldie Hawn return as Santa and his wife to protect Christmas from evil forces.

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Netflix in November

The Crown Season 4

In the fourth season of the acclaimed and award-winning historical series about the British royal family, Prince Charles falls in love with the young Diana Spencer. At the same time, Great Britain is in a state of upheaval, as Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister.

Jingle Jangle Journey

In the new Christmas musical, a toy manufacturer has to pay off its debts that arose when a former student stole his inventions. His young granddaughter tries to restore her grandfather’s good name with magic.


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