Working Out At Gym Or Outside?

Fitness centers are not one of those places where people feel particularly comfortable; Especially not during the pandemic, which makes hygiene more important than ever. In addition, some newcomers in the gym feel observed by the experienced, trained visitors. Can’t you just train outside? Are outdoor exercises with your own body weight just as effective as pumping with equipment and dumbbells. Questions that not only fitness newbies but also advanced ones ask themselves again and again: Should I use equipment or should I use free weights for my training? Which option is more effective? We now want to get to the bottom of these questions.

Outdoor Training Has Great Benefits

Training outdoor is primarily of a functional nature, so it is similar to the movements in everyday life and those in other workouts. Through free strength training with your own body weight or with weights, you can significantly reduce your susceptibility to injury in the long term. Furthermore, the deep muscles are trained, which offer your joints protection and protect against injuries in everyday life. Another advantage is the flexibility that free training offers you. No time or money for a gym membership? With a few dumbbells and a bar, you can do a lot to shape your body. Functional training with your own body weight can be carried out anytime and anywhere, whether at home, while traveling or, if necessary, during the lunch break at the work.


But even if pull-ups, deadlifts and the like promise you enormous advantages and immense growth: Especially as a beginner, you should make sure that the exercise is carried out properly, since the wrong movement also increases the risk of injury during training than in equipment training.

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Even if both equipment and free training offer many advantages, those of free training are much more important. So if you want to build a great body that is not only pumped up, but also functionally equipped and protects you in everyday life, you should rely on free training. However, if you are a beginner in terms of fitness training, it is advisable to do equipment training for the first 3 months in order to build up muscles. You can also support and supplement your workout with isolation on equipment. It is a healthy combination that makes your training effective, although you can do without equipment training if there is no time or no means for a fitness center.


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