Cute Things To Draw

If you don’t know the term, you could possibly guess from the wording that it’s something of Asian origin, but that’s probably not all that can be deduced. If you look up the term, you will learn that kawaii stands for sweet, cute or even childlike, which has developed into an aesthetic concept that can be found in the areas of clothing, living and art. The cute drawings, which probably everyone has unconsciously encountered, are particularly well-known. Typical for kawaii are basic and round shapes with cute faces, which are usually drawn  in light colors.

Cute Things To Draw
Cute Things To Draw

Cute Animals and Animal Cute Food

The author’s bundle contains two issues in one, dealing with the topics of cute animal food and drawing cute animals. The books are primarily aimed at beginners and therefore each start with a short section, which is structured very similarly in books. In it, it is explained what materials are needed, how cuteness can be achieved in a basic way, how movement or feelings can be brought into the pictures, or how the figures circle, triangle and square can be used as a basis for drawing. 

Then you can start right away with your first characters. Each motif is drawn with one of three steps, which are easy to follow and can be drawn by yourself. For example, snacks and appetizers can be found in animal cute food first, before intermediate dishes, desserts and sweet treats follow. 

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